Make childhood magical,
make childhood fun…


Modern Decor & Furniture

(made just for children!)

Little Nest crafts and manufactures bespoke beautiful furniture, decor, toys and more. Our range has been hand-selected and baby tested by our in-house team to make sure it is perfect for yours too!
Cube Wood Blocks Little Nest

Safe for baby,
beautiful to look at…


Create Your Own Little Nest

Little Nest is a small, personal business run by a mum (Hi, I’m Kim!) for other mums. When I couldn’t find exactly the products I wanted in my “little nest” at home, I thought I would create them myself and share with other mums who might want the same thing. These products have been dreamt about in-between midnight feeding sessions and carefully curated and crafted during naptimes. I couldn’t be happier with the quality of each product and I’m sure you will enjoy them too!
Original Giraffe And Bunny Artwork Little Nest


Bed And Bath Furniture Little Nest

Bed & Bath

Mama Bear Hamper Little Nest Zimbabwe


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